Changelog ( + UpdaterUpdate) Updated by autoupdater


  • Home webbrowser loading only rss channal of post to save RAM memory in slower computers
  • Write better code for all Mission Editors
  • New icon for MBMC
  • New icon for MBMM
  • New icon for HueChanger
  • Started developing OneClickScript
  • Recent mod feature
  • New updater service
  • Fixed opening from MBMM
  • New webversion.mbmc file to repair Updater – Included in new AutoupdaterUpdate ✓
  • Fix bug “Application not responding…” on autoupdater run from MBMC Loading screen
  • Huechanger now support 12 Textures! ✓
  • Build installator contains base 0.2.1 version, 0.2.2 and 0.2.3 version updates for new users
  • Make offline documentation – able to download aszip file and add to MBMC Application ✓ 100%
  • Marble Blast Mods Manager

0.2.3 (0.2.1 Patch 2)

How to update?

1.Step: Extract zip file on your mbmc installation folder(ex: C:/Program files/Marble Blast Mods Creator) owerwriting all files!

Download Link: here.


  • Added clickonce(R) feature
  • Turn off “Message spamming mode” ! ✓
  • AutoUpdater feature (MBMCUPDATER01) ✓
  • Version server: – actual version download, version string, index page ✓

0.2.2 BETA 2 (patch 1)

  • ServerScripts Dialog tiggers.cs to triggers.cs fix
  • ServerScripts Dialog makers.cs to markers.cs fix
  • Torque Constructor process fix
  • Game process fix
  • New Mod wizard fix – error when copying files
  • New Feature – Remove all temp files ✓
  • Project properties edit logo fix – enable
  • Project Properties edit language fix – not saving
  • New feature – Accelerators right click to button on home screen ✓
  • About box “Don’t show this dialog again” fix
  • Handled error 12a fix – Total time spent on mod
  • Project properties enable all “Change logo” buttons
  • Home screen webbrowser size fix
  • Run web gallery
  • Write script for Game GUI Dialog (50%)
  • ServerScripts Dialog, button “Edit with PE” only pe.Show(); code to enable copying script from one to others windows
  • Enable button “Custom missions”
  • Advanced missions dialog completed
  • To save RAM memory when is Interiors or Textures dialog opened webbrowser is turned off
  • Textures Dialog label.text fix
  • HueChanger button.text fix
  • Textures window – edit with gimp button fix
  • Tools menitem, all programs fix
  • PE – Script editor hightlighting Torque script
  • TE – Text Editor to open and save .mbmct files
  • New Feature – Start time – counting time while mbmc loads ✓
  • Planning feature recent mods ✓
  • Welcome dialog completed
  • New installation
  • New MBMC Updater

0.2.1 BETA 1

  • First release

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