2 New help articles and MBMM and MBMCDocumentation Preview

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I released preview version of MBMM (Marble Blast Mods Manager) and MBMCDocumentation (Documentation viewer for MBMC), you can download preview of applications here: http://mbmc.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/changes/6565.

And 2 new articles you may find on MBMC Documentation Site

MBMC 0.2.3 Pre-Release

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I finnaly make autoupdater!

Release is delayed because i now not have much time for mbmc. In here update is: Auto Updater application, fix “constant spamming mode”. Auto Updater will automaticly update all files when is new version of mbmc avaiable 🙂

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ntgnm2huqllr9cw

Install with 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Download file
Step 2: Extract all files in your mbmc installation directory(ex: C:/Program Files/Marble Blast Mods Creator)
Step 3: Run MBMCUpdaterPro.exe file and click to DO IT ALL button.

Autoupdater will download latest release and install it automaticaly (Bad update uploaded…) . Good luck with mods 🙂


MBMC 0.2.1 Patch 1 Released!

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MBMC 0.2.2 (0.2.1 Patch 1) has been released! Is highly recommened to update your mbmc, MBMC 0.2.2 contains many new features, many bugfixes for detailed information view mbmc changelog. If you never install MBMC you need to download and install MBMC 0.2.1 first.

Youtube Video

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0: here

Download link: Patch 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?856fkoshe31gs23

Released version 0.2.1! Download link here!

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I released new version of Marble Blast Mods Creator!

.Net 2.0 runtime

Current version: 0.2.1 BETA 1