MBMC 7. Video

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MBMC Codeplex site updated!

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I updated releases, downloads, source code and other pages. Now is easy to found right release. You can view changes here: http://www.mbmc.codeplex.com

2 New help articles and MBMM and MBMCDocumentation Preview

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I released preview version of MBMM (Marble Blast Mods Manager) and MBMCDocumentation (Documentation viewer for MBMC), you can download preview of applications here: http://mbmc.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/changes/6565.

And 2 new articles you may find on MBMC Documentation Site

Two new Marble Blast Applications!

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And the applications are:

Marble Blast Mods Manager – you can easly play/add/remove/edit your mods

MBMC Documentation – documentation viewer for MBMC

All of these applications is still on development state: MBMM ~75% and MBMC Documentation ~40%

MBMC Coders needed!

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If you know c# programming language, and you want program mbmc with me email me or add the comment. I will send you instructions and source code (i need to make collaboration service – for updating builds).