MBMC Tutorials – Autoupdater

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MBMC – New version

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Launch updater or use integrated updater in mbmc to download latest version.

This update contains:

  • New icons
  • Marble Blast Mods Manager
  • Bugfixes
  • Documentation
  • OneClickScript (preview version)

Full changelog avaiable here: MBMC Changelog

New version released!

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Run updater to update your MBMC!

MBMC Development

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Big thanks to MBMC users. In next days i release final mbmc update. (that means: “The development of MBMC will not be speedy-update every ~3 months ) The main part of coding MBMC is at the end. That not means “This is latest MBMC version ever”, but means: “The development of MBMC will not be speedy (update every 3 months).

MBMC 7. Video

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MBMC Codeplex site updated!

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I updated releases, downloads, source code and other pages. Now is easy to found right release. You can view changes here: http://www.mbmc.codeplex.com

2 New help articles and MBMM and MBMCDocumentation Preview

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I released preview version of MBMM (Marble Blast Mods Manager) and MBMCDocumentation (Documentation viewer for MBMC), you can download preview of applications here: http://mbmc.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/changes/6565.

And 2 new articles you may find on MBMC Documentation Site

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